Hyperfreak Fire CZ 4/3 Blk/Marine

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Product Overview

New for 2022, the Hyperfreak Fire takes our most successful suit to new levels of performance, warmth and sustainability. We've combined our new TB4 neoprene and TB4 Air Firewall, and lined it with our TB4X graphene infused liner to further increase the warmth of our rediculously lightweight and strechy Hyperfreak series steamers. Utilising recycled oyster shells, car tyres and plastics, solvent free lamintaion, dope dyed yarn, and limestone neoprene, our 2022 Hyperfreak steamers have taken a giant step towards building a more sustainable future and protecing our oceans.

TB4 Firewall / TB4X

TB4X Fully Taped Seams


Minimal Seam Design

Recycled and Sustainable Materials

Double Seal Collar